pelican is a Python based static website generator whose output can be directly hosted on Github.

To install do:

pip install pelican markdown

The following are also useful:

pip install typogrify ghp-import

Set up a new site:

mkdir mysite
cd mysite

Add some content, put:

Title: My First Review
Date: 2010-12-03 10:20
Category: Review

Following is a review of my favorite mechanical keyboard.

in mysite/content/

Build the site using:

pelican content

To use the site as a Github project site make sure there is a Git repo set up for the project and do:

ghp-import output
git push origin gh-pages

This will put the content of the site (i.e. the output directory) into the gh-pages branch of the Github project, which can be viewed from Make sure that this path is set in the file in mysite, or else it won’t find the CSS and whatnot.

To add a custom theme download one, e.g.:

cd $HOME/web
git clone

and add the path to the theme to the by setting:

THEME = "path_to_theme"

Follow instructions here for adding social links, headers, bio etc. to the theme.


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